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1 to 3 Motherhood


Making a Connection in a Digital World

In a time where we quickly text or voice record a message to send, and spend just enough time on Facebook to “like” someone’s status or new photo, are we really too busy to pick up the phone? I sat there. Counting how many friends I have on my Facebook... Read More
father and son

Best Part of Being a Dad? Showing Them the World

Last month, I asked my mom friends about their favorite part of being a mom. The running theme that emerged from their answers was over-the-top hugs. This time around, for Fathers Day, I found that the dad response carried a huge amount of pride for being their childrens' dad. These dads reflected... Read More

What’s Your Favorite Part of Being A Mom? Hugs of course!

What is your favorite part of being a mom? Mine has to be the hugs. Hugs, hugs, hugs! There are the I love you mommy hugs. The I'm so glad you are here mom, what are we doing now hugs. The I want only mom hugs that are really tight... Read More

Student Affairs

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Return to Campus: How one Student Affairs Pro returned to work, transferred her SAHP skills, and found what worked for her

Interview with Susie Becker, Stay-at-Home Parent now Residential Life Area Coordinator who returned to work for her former campus after six years being home. I recently returned to work on a university campus after being home with my twin daughters and son for two and half years. As I prepared... Read More
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Leave A Yellow Arrow for Your Students. Reflections From My Hour on the Camino

Have you found your way? The Way that feels right. That feels good. The way where you get to walk towards peace, knowledge, passion, success? Or are you walking and looking for a sign, maybe an arrow that tells you to keep walking, you're going the right way. Now think... Read More
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Aggie in Argentina Returns. Transfer Student Studies Abroad Part 2

The Transfer Student Interview Series continues with Lexie Munevar, past community college student leader and now university transfer student who recently studied abroad. Back in September 2014, I had the pleasure of interviewing UC Davis undergraduate Lexie Munevar before she went on her first study abroad experience at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mednoza... Read More