I pick Jimmie Johnson for my team


Have you thought to check around your work lately to see who really is on your team? Make sure it is not Brian Vickers. As NASCAR fans witnessed on Sunday at Talladaga, Mr. Brian Vickers in the #25 car, who is Jimmie Johnson’s teammate, “oh accidently” (yeah right) bump drafted Johnson right into Dale Jr. in the 3rd turn on the last lap to create a crash that sent Johnson and Dale Jr. down off the track and into the dirt. This allowed Vickers smooth sailing into 1st place. Let’s just say, Vickers is no team player. Don’t worry Jimmie, I would of helped you out. I mean..come on Vickers..you are not even in the race for the chase, yo! They should now start running commercials that instead of saying “Let me ask Jimmie Johnson”, they should now show people picking teams and everyone says, “I pick Jimmie Johnson!” My question to teams of NASCAR, why have teammates anyways if you are not going to help each other out when you most need it? Yes, Vickers helped Johnson by drafting for him towards the end of the race, but you have to keep it going until the end. Rumor has it the boys were not even talking to each on the radio before they moved to pass Dale Jr. Whose fault is that? Hmm..crew cheifs? Car owner? When you are in the race for the chase..is it really about anyone winning the races or is about the points? Jimmie in the chase..Mr. Vickers-NOT!

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