Staying Connected and Staying Focused


Often times, I find myself is the middle of this journey of grad school feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and asking myself, Why I am doing this again?. I have realized that if I do not stay connected to the people around me I am going to lose my passion for why I studying Student Affairs or Higher Education in the first place.

When you are finding yourself feeling stressed, confused, or distant, take a moment to give a friend a call, or write an email to a distant friend or family member. One of my favorites is giving your partner a really long hug. You will be amazed how it will make you feel.

Staying connected: Tonight, I am excited to connect with Marta for her 30th birthday! I am meeting up with her, her friends and her family in the city for some swing dancing and catching up. She does not live near me anymore, but staying connecting through email or a random phone call makes all the difference.

Staying Focused: For my Mental Health of College Students course, I want to focus on making a connection between Student Life and the Mental Health of college students. What if feeling connected could make all the difference?

In my life: Cherishing the time I get to connect with people over holiday meals, parties and shopping.

Comment Question of the week: How are you staying connected? What is your focus right now in life?

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