Me, My Head Cold and Nancy Grace


Everyone knows that old saying…where are you mostly likely to catch a cold? On an airplane! I pretty much can guess that I caught my latest head cold from a girl in her early 20’s one row away from me on the plane coming home from Germany. She looked miserable with a running nose. Today makes it official; I have caught a head cold about every 2 months since last summer. The benefits of being a grad school student working full time. In the end, what can you do? I have been taking Vitamin C tablets every day, going to the gym at least three times a week, drinking water all day and since we got back from Germany, sleeping. No dice. I still got sick. At least it came before the new semester started.

As soon as I feel more like my normal self, I will share the great news that happened over the holidays. Until then, non-stop CNN…I am telling you..It can suck you in. I hate to say it, but after the Saturday Night Live skit of Nancy Grace, I now like watching her for real.

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