Wedding Plans


If you thought deciding on a topic for a research paper was hard, try deciding on bridesmaids dresses. There are so many thoughts running through your head. Does the dress look great on them? What about the color? Will it match or take a way from my wedding dress? Ohh and don’t forget the groomsman’s tuxedos being black. Wow! What a day. And here I though spending a Saturday writing a literature review was tiring.

I do have company coming in an hour. So, a bit tired from getting the house ready. My cousins are coming! My cousins are coming! I have not seen them in 5 years. Hey, as the old saying goes, be happy you have things in your life to be excited about and work towards!!

25 weeks to go until the wedding.
5 classes to go until I finish my Masters degree.
5 weeks left in the semester.
1 hour and 20 minutes left until Saturday Night Live. Yahoo!


  1. this is the type of excitement I am looking forward with Myra one day. :-)

    Keep us updated on how things go. Best of luck on the dresses and tuxedos.


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