3rd year..


Yahoo..finished another paper..this time I feel tired. The third year of grad school has officially set in. I remember hearing from other third years that the second year was the hardest one to get through. Ahh.. I’m going to have to say the third year might be the one. We’ve got A LOT of reading and papers to write. So, if I do not sound as excited as the year before..imagine you’re on a steep hike..and you have not reached the level part yet. This year is going to feel like a long hike to the ocean. Hmm..I will keep you posted on what hike I am on. Right now, I feel like I just started the Muir Beach hike. Great view to go with a great book, just lots of questions to answer.
On a fun note: Yesterday, we saw my life long friend Christine and her Husband Quoc’s new baby. Another life long friend, Kristina came down and we joined others in celebrating Nathan’s arrival to the Do family. I am soo happy for them. Let me tell you, it is an amazing feeling when you see your elementary school playmate holding their first child.

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