Check, done! Check, done!


I love beginnings. I also love finishing things. The NVC fall semester starts on the 20th. That is one week away. One week to finish summer projects and one week away from kicking the fall semester off. The exciting part is Napa Valley College is hosting its first welcome day the Saturday before the first day of classes. We are calling in NVC Day and I have been one of the main coordinators. NVC Day has been my summer project. For the first time, I have been the one facilitating the planning meetings with staff and administrators. I’ve come with the agenda, kept minutes, and done my best to keep us all on track. The best way to describe it to friend and family, is that it’s been like stage managing. “The show” opens in a week. Just like any other plays or large events I have been working on, it has kept me VERY busy. Ohh..and there was also taking the Helping Relationship Class, reading Strengths Quest books, and working on the wedding.

If you ask Matthias, I have either been writing a to-do list, dreaming about work, moving from finishing a paper to finishing the registry and for some crazy reason still getting dinner on the table. WOW.

Then of course, I woke up this morning ready to write down a to-do list for my office “things to do before school starts”, when I realized my graduate program has given me a huge boost of confidence to just go for it and be excited. This coming school year, I am highly motivated by my grad school’s capstone project. The more I kick ass at work, the more I can showcase with the hope that in the end I attract more great opportunities to shine and grow. I am running, but this time it’s not to keep up but to enjoy the ride.

However, to keep all the plates spinning, the students smiling, and my friends and family cheering on, I MUST let all my thoughts go for at least 24 hours. So, for the next 24 hours Matthias and I are heading to Tahoe. We both know that if we stay at home..we will just keep working on our many projects…but do any of us ever stop thinking of what do next, imagining what we could finish…but then, the thought of sitting on a porch, surrounded by trees, enjoying a glass of wine..Yo enough writing!! :>) Have a great weekend everyone!

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