NVC Day Thank You


Last Saturday, Aug. 18 was the first NVC Welcome Day for new students, their parents, community members, and returning students. You probably been reading about me not sleeping, over thinking and talking about how much I was looking forward to NVC Day.

We had a steady flow of students and parents. We aimed for 200 and had just about half of that attend. Overall, it gave the Outreach committee, staff, and faculty an idea of what this kind an event could give to our students and the campus.

Special Thank You,

  • To Martha for her amazing talent for detail, leadership, and her amazing energy on the day of the event. Martha, you are the best and I always have a blast working with you.
  • To Martha’s husband and family who added all the extra touches such as umbrellas, set up, putting together bags and much more. Gracias!
  • To Matthias for volunteering to be in the ASB Office to make Student ID’s. He made 16!! It made a huge difference for so many students and myself. I love that I got to share the day with you.
  • To the outstanding 2007-2008 ASB Board for being part of the Student Panel, set up, working the ASB table, being ready to give a tour or help a student in need, and clean up. You guys stepped up and showed true leadership. The best part was you made it fun!!
  • To Robyn, Beth and Michael for always keeping me real and seeing the bigger picture. I learned a lot from you.
  • To Bob, wow, your energy and spirit moves mountains and makes things happen for students. It was great working with you.
  • To the rest of the Outreach Committee, thank you for always stepping up, working hard this summer, and believing in NVC Day. We all make a great team!
  • To Gwen, Lauralyn, Hector, Mary and Laura for being our presenters. Thank you for offering your advice and knowledge to the students and parents who make it out.
  • To Oscar and Jill for giving me the chance to co-lead NVC day. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I greatly appreciate it. I learned that when you empower others and let someone else shine, you naturally glow
  • My favorite part of the day was co-facilitating the Student Panel workshop and the meet the faculty lunch. For me, I always believed the college experience comes to life every time a student gets the chance to eat lunch with a faculty, or learn from another student.

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