Extra Hour


I love day light savings day. Whenever I looked at the clock today, I thought “it is only..” then I would say, “sweet an extra hour to study, clean, sleep!” Think about it. I bet a day does not go by that we all say to ourselves “if I only hand a extra hour in the day?”

On a fun note. Last week was Halloween. I dressed up as Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy. Loved it! I had on nursing scrubs and made myself a name tag. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy this summer. Now I am hooked. I love the writing. If you have not seen the show or if you are a huge fan like me, you will agree that the show says what we think about when it comes to relationships: passion and being real with each other. Grey’s Anatomy reminds that what you really want is passionate conversations. Or the chance to really let your guard down with someone. Instead the writers show us how we chose to stay that extra hour at work or stay friends instead of going to the next step.

Now, what was it you would do with an extra hour?

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