Writers Strike


Tonight I watched my first T.V. show on my computer. Our DVR did not tape last week’s Thanksgiving Grey’s Anatomy episode. So thanks to the amazing power of the Internet, ABC, and my laptop, I was able to catch up. And boy was it an intense episode. A 2 partier. I just love the writing. Must watch every week.

Half way through the show, Matthias reminded me that one of the reasons the writers are striking is because they do not get any financial support from the episode I just watched off of abc.com. Tough call. Thanks to DVR and now the Internet, I can catch up on shows in my free time. Should the writers get money for that piece of that time too, along with the regular scheduled time on T.V.? Do the actors? The stage manager? The make-up lady? The reality is the art, such as T.V. which is really theatre, is a team effort. The show needs everyone to make it happen. I wonder if the writers realize that they are effecting more then the audience. They are hurting their own team. The show must go on…ahh but the writing is so good…

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