All you have is this moment this breathe


This past week I went to my student affairs advisor professional conference near Disneyland. It was just what I needed. I got the chance to room with some girl friends, catch up on work and being married. Both nights, I stayed up late talking about when do you make the life changing discussion to have kids and change jobs. I told Matthias, men have poker, women deep talks. Each time someone asked how I was doing, all I could do was take a deep breathe and say, “I am four weeks away from finishing my grad program”.

I came to the conference with my mind heavy, my heart racing and all I wanted to do was check things off my to-do list. On the second day of the conference, the conference planning committee started the day off with a stress releasing workshop. This amazing peaceful woman led us through mediation and would repeat, “All you have is this moment this breathe”. By the time the mediation was over, tears were running down my face. I realized that I cannot control next week or even a year from now. Why worrying about when to have kids or finishing everything I have to do. It will not help me feel less overwhelmed.

Since then, I have started to say her mantra, “All you have is this moment this breathe” each time my heart starts to race. I’ve also being keeping in my mind this amazing advice I read in last month’s Real Simple Magazine, “You can have all you want just not at the same time”

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