Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk Humbly with God


I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I saw my co-hort and attending graduation at APU. During graduation, I felt more sentimental then anything else. In a way it was my last time participating in a graduation. When I got my B.A., I was excited and free spirited about it.

As I walked into the APU stadium, I thought to myself, “I want to remember this moment”. I started to cry when I saw Matthias, Mom, Dad and Missy. I could not have done it with out them. I was soo happy they were there to share it with me. I loved sitting in the second row with Heather, Tira and Erin. The ceremony was very intimate. I liked that the university opened with a prayer lead by a mother whose daughter was graduating that day and closed with a husband whose wife was graduating as well.

The speaker, Marianne Hattar-Pollara, talked about the importance and significance our graduate degree has in following Micah 6:7-8 “Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk Humbly with God”. If I had a favorite scripture, I would have to say that one. I never would have imaged myself attending APU. I am really glad I did.

How does it feel to be done: It feels like, “Damm, that was a lot of work!” When I look at the M.Ed. at the end of my name, I feel proud, honored, and grateful. I also feel motivated. But first..Need to breathe..slow down and take it all in.

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