Weekend Update


Going with the Saturday Night Live Theme this morning…

On Wednesday my students spent 1 hour lost in powers that be of Roberts Rules of Order, trying to appoint a new round of commissioners to their board. It resulted in three current commissioners let go (kind of like the current job market). One deserving student asked to stay, and one voted in who can’t make the meetings next semester. Thanks Roberts Rules.

On Thursday at the Inter-Club Council meeting Brandon, our college’s Cafeteria Manager did an awesome presentation updating the clubs on the status of the cafeteria, changes in menu to help with affordability and flavor, and now will offer Fundraising Fridays. The clubs loved the idea. If all goes well, the cafeteria can start moving towards the black, and clubs can make some real extra money while having fun cooking and bonding. Next task, creating a contract form that really makes this Fundraising Fridays happen. However, I can hear the students now “Not another form!”

On Friday, I learned that all the Christmas cards I sent on Monday, in the cutest red small envelope, will cost our friends an extra trip to the post office and .20 cents. Due to the fact that the card is smaller than normal and needed more postage…What?…ahh..kind of funny.

That’s weekend update, I am Victoria Worch… now off to hike Mount Tam

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