Try walking in my shoes


During one of my many prenatal doctor visits, I found this quote in a parenting magazine from Jennifer Weiner, author of “Good in Bed”, and “In Her Shoes”, and mother of a 3 year old. I’ve had it up on my bulletin board in our office. Sam turned 6 weeks on Friday and I have a whole new respect and appreciation for moms and dads of new borns, toddlers, etc. You never really know what it is like until you walk in their shoes.  I’ve come to learn that you can never plan on getting enough sleep or folding that basket of laundry, or taking a long shower. This quote reminded me that it’s okay and that I’m still rocking!
“Mom Power
The most profound lesson of motherhood has been making peace with ‘good enough’. No matter how hard you try, there’s going to be a corner of the house that stays cluttered, a deadline that get missed, laundry that stays in the dryer for days. It took me 35 years and one little girl to finally figure out that I’ll never be perfect-and that, at least for now, is perfectly okay.”–Jennifer Weiner

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