Checking In


Reading: Just finished Laura Fraser’s “An Italian Affair”, fun travel memoir. Just about to start “Saved by Beauty, Adventures of an American Romantic in Iran” by Roger Housden. Think I will venture out today and find a cafe to begin my “trip” to Iran. My good friend Marta loaned me “An Italian Affair” and now I am totally back on my love for Travel Memoirs.
Watching: Law and Order Reruns..was sick a few days ago with the Summer Cold and ended up being sucked in.
Sam update: Sign Language! He loves telling us “more” and “all done” with his hands.
Thankful for: living soo close to the ocean. Half Moon Bay is maybe 20 minute drive at the most!
Looking forward to: watching the final Harry Potter movie tonight.
Blog Posting Updates: Regarding my blog post about Linked In, my workshop went great! There was 22 of us. I think the highlight of the workshop was watching my fellow advisors design their own website/blog.

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