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It’s been awhile since I had sometime to share some thoughts on student affairs and student services. I love sharing stuff, especially for my New Student Affairs Professional blog readers.  So I thought, why not share “a day in the life” moment. Here is some highlights from an email I sent to my Vice President of Student Services before I left for the weekend. You will find, that in our field of student affairs, we wearing many hats which makes for a far from boring job AND we could use another hour in the day, but hey, lunch breaks are meant to be spent not in meetings or at your desk but at your favorite spot on campus where no student can find ya 😉

Jan. 13-email
“Hi Robin! Hi Debbie!
I need to cancel for Tuesday, with it being the first day of classes. Debbie, I was wondering if we could find another time Robin and I could meet. Mondays between 3-5 are really good for me or Friday mornings after 9am. Here is my report for now.
Center for Student Life and Leadership Development update for Jan 13.
-ASCC-all set for Spirit Thursday on Jan. 19th even with a Rain Plan. If it rains, we are moving it to the Theatre Lobby. Have already spoken to the theatre manager.
-ASCC mtgs now Tues. 3:30-5pm.
-The AS president came in today to work on the BOT report. Awesome PowerPoint. You will be impressed.
*ID Card and Sallie Mae Payment plans
-We are still following what A&R and the Business office requested which is not to give ID cards to students with payment plans because we think it will open a flood gate for students wanted other things such as transcripts which are also not allowed unless students have a zero balance.
*SLO Team 6
-I sent email reminders to members asking for updated on 2011-2012 SLO’s no reports yet
-Trackdac-no info uploaded yet. Struggling to find time to get it done. I am keeping really good notes, it just finding the time to enter it in.
*Accreditation team
-I have read over all my part, past one and what other colleges have written. However, I have not started writing my part. Just need to find the time and get it done.
HELP-I do need some guidance on what other offices I should include in mind. Need to ask my committee chair.
*Social Justice Series
-I have joined Romeo and a handful of instructors to develop a Social Justice Series for the Spring Semester. First event is an Student Panel on the Occupy Movement, scheduled for Jan. 31, 10am, Main theatre. We are organizing student speakers from Cal, SfState and Davis who have participated in the Occupy movement on their campus to shared their experience.
*Leadership Class
-Almost done with the course outline. I wanted to be done by today, but I had to get ahead on upcoming campus events.
*Student Trustee Nominee Elections
-Dates set for March 20 and March 21. Packet will be available starting February 21.
Next week, just stop by if you need anything particular from me.
Thanks! Have a great weekend,

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