Checking in on Motherhood


Reading: Still enjoying Daily Email updates from Baby Huge help!
Sam running!
Thankful for: Girlfriends who are moms and who are not moms. Making time to see your girlfriends is so important!
Looking forward to: taking Sam to Germany.
Motherhood Lesson: Being a mom has taught me that “Mom” is a new title you carry. You worked hard for it (pregnancy). You are earning it every day (feeding, bathing, laughing).
A few tips that are helping me enjoy Motherhood:
Take lots of pictures with your phone so when you are back at work or taking a mini break, you can enjoy pictures instantly.
2) Take time in your day to be with your partner. Either if it is sitting close on the couch watching t.v. or going to bed at the same time. You need your partner! It also reminds you that you were a woman before you were a mom..and still are a woman who needs love too!

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