Find a Student


A theme that kept running through my head this week was “Find a Student”. For faculty, it is pretty clear that they will have a student to teach to on their first day of classes. I wonder if they think about running their lesson plan by a student first? For Student Affairs professionals, our work is often planning for students needs. May it be faster Financial Aid processing, processing their grades in Admissions, or making sure all the dorm furniture is ready for move in day. I’m learning this week, that as I make plans for the fall semester, I have to remember to include a student. Especially, recently with planning the next big lecture, or our new service of Xbox game rentals. Having that student engagement in the planning makes such a difference. They provide the feedback you forgot you needed and you provide the engagement that connects them to the college.

Student government or Res Life Council can be excellent places to find a student. I’m also hoping that by engaging my student government officers now, they will be ready for the additional work student government will be once they start their fall classes. As much as they say “It’s summer Victoria!”, I’m hoping they will appreciate the time management lesson later. :)

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