Lollipop Moments happening at Canada College


While on maternity leave
To connect or not to connect. To check your work email or to not check your work email. As I take this year off, I’m curious why I tend to check my work email? What is it that leads me to take a moment out of being a “mom” to see what is happening at work. I think it comes back to my love to connect. In my field of Student Affairs and working on a college campus, a day doesn’t go by that you find yourself connecting with another person. The connection could be a piece of advice, encouragement, or teaching them something new. I imagine it happens to all of us, where ever you may spend your day. As I write this, I am encouraged even more to connect with my daughters and fellow mothers.

However, this past week was the first week of the fall semester. For me, it was the first fall semester in 13 years I wasn’t working. So there was a part of me that couldn’t let that moment of checking in on work email go by. I’m glad I did. I saw this message from the new college president Dr. Larry Buckley. He did not have to write this email but he did. He found time to remind the campus about a topic that was shared on Flex Day. It was about having an “lollipop moment”. I may not be “working” right now, but it feels good to know I’m still part of a great place. I checked out the TedTalk and college site. Nice work. Especially for teaching leadership beyond student government. I guess in a small way I had my own lollipop moment reading his email. Here is that email:

“Wed. Aug. 21, 2013, 2:18pm
Last week, at the District’s Opening Day event here at Canada, Diana Bennett shared a TedEX video that spoke to “Lollipop Moments” in which each of us become leaders whether we want to or not. Sometimes we become leaders and don’t even know we’re leading as we’re doing it!  Several people suggested that we post on our website, a Login in Your Lollipop Moment page. On such a page, you would have the opportunity to share your lollipop moments with your colleagues, students, and the whole of our community.
Take a few moments to watch the TedEX video about “Lollipop Moments” and then – if you’ve had a “lollipop moment” or two, or three – and you want to share them please do so at
Visit the page periodically to see what your colleagues are positing.
Larry G. Buckley, PhD
Canada College

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