Being home in time to play soccer.


Today my son started a new preschool. It also was the first time I’ve picked him up from preschool as early as 3pm. Early enough to get some afternoon playtime with him. Before today, my usual pick up time was 5:30. Then I would rush home and get dinner going, maybe some play time, etc. As weird as it might sound, our twin girls have really slowed down time and given us the chance to see how precious anytime we have with our children is. Before the twins came into our lives, I was ready to have another baby and then take a few months off and then send both my kids back to day care/preschool full time. Now, I am experiencing being a stay at home and sending my son to preschool part-time. With the help of my in-laws and my husband working in a field he loves, together we can give our children some extra time with us before they get too big. It’s not going to be for long, but I can tell right now, I’m really glad I’m having this experience and that I’m home in time to play soccer.

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