Checking In


Reading: Going back and forth between “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead” by Brene Brown and “Labor Day” by Joyce Maynard. Both are really heavy reads. Thinking I might need to find a fun light hearted read.
Watching: March Madness College Basketball while following along with our bracket picks. I’ve got a team from the East for sure in the Final Four. Plus the final weeks of How I Met Your Mother. Good stuff!
Listening to: The rain :)
Thankful for: Post-it notes, baby wipes, and fresh clean sheets.
Looking forward to: Girls Weekend in San Luis Obispo. A week and 1/2 away!
Sam Update: We now live on a street with kids his age and it is awesome to see them run back and forth from each other’s house. Best part, the moms area texting back and forth letting each other know where their kid is.
Twin lesson: This month, the girls have taught me how to smile. One look from them and you light up. They remind you to stop making life so hard. It is meant to be explored, enjoyed and when you are tired, you rest.
Meaning of Home: Whatever you do, even if you have only 5 minutes in the day, take those to give thanks for having a place to call home. Wherever it may be. It is yours. And if there is laundry on the couch or dirty bottles in the sink or maybe one more wall that needs to be painted, who cares. I know you care. And I know I care. But for those five minutes think about how it shows that someone is living here.  And all that stuff will get done. It always does. :)

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