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Checking In: The Day Germany Won the 2014 World Cup


Reading: I’m half way through Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods. Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail.” Must be a theme for me to read walking adventures in the Summer. Last Summer I read, “Wild”, about walking the Pacific Crest Trail.

This past weekend, I finished the WISAchat (Women in Student Affairs) July book “Wonder Women Sex, Power and the Quest For Perfection” written by Barnard College President Debora Spar. She dives into the age old question “can women have it all?”. To help answer the question, she shares research on how far we have come since the Feminist Movement of the 60’s. I really appreciate her final conclusions and the advice she has for all of us. My take from her book is when you go to make those big choices, chose what matters most to you.

Watching: At the end of the day it’s Modern Family Reruns because they are so funny! And of course the World Cup. Today Germany won the 2014 World Cup. Yay!! The game was so much fun to watch and Germany had an outstanding team. Great job guys!

Listening to: The twins talking to each other instead of falling asleep. So cute!

Looking forward to: Enrolling in a Blog Life E-Course.

Sam Update: Still into building Legos, loves his new adventure bed, and has given us all nick names. Ellie is the Taker because she loves taking toys from Lily. Lily is the Runner because she is the first to take off. Dad is the Game Worker for all the video games he makes. Mom (me) is the Writer, and Sam is the Builder because he loves to build things.

Twin Update: Both girls are officially walking. Sometimes in the same direction but most of the time in the opposite direction. The best part is how much they are smiling and laughing when they walk.

Meaning of home: The meaning of home always comes alive for me when we have family and friends over. There is something about sharing a meal, the World Cup, or simply hosting a playdate. Sometimes that’s all you need :)

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