Student Life Advisors Do This All The Time


If you are anything like the average person, with access to Social Media, you probably see articles flying through your Facebook updates and Twitter feed constantly. Did you see the piece called “The Three Qualities of People I Most Enjoy Working With” written by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner? Did your awesome Student Affairs lightbulb go off? Mine did. The first thought that came to me was: of all people working on a college campus, this describes Student Life Advisor  AND it describes people we all enjoy working with!

Weiner goes on to describe how he came to the conclusion that working with individuals who can dream big , who support the values of the place they work at, who know how to get s**t done, and who are able to have fun are ideal people to have on a team.

Let me show you why it’s you.

Dream Big: How often do you find yourself Dreaming Big with your students? Remember the snow day you organized on campus during the middle of summer? Or the largest concert yet? Or being there to speak on behalf of the students when they were designing the new student center? Exactly! You do it everyday and probably don’t even realize it.

Get  Sh*t Done: Just today I bet you completed facilities paperwork, had a discipline hearing or disciplined a student, made a huge sign, ordered food to cater a meeting and/or an event AND spell checked the AS Agenda. It’s the role that WE naturally do it well ourselves because we have to teach students everyday to follow through, to show up and to finish what they started.

Know how to Have Fun: Who else is better at making it fun than a student life advisor? You’re not afraid to start dancing with your students, laughing about the latest trend, and sharing a piece of chocolate. You are not afraid to bring snacks to the Student Services staff meeting. You know it’s just a job yet you know it takes heart and energy to do everyday. If you are not having fun at your job, you need to reevaluate it – and if there is anyone who knows how to do that constantly, it’s the Student Life Advisor. In your life outside of campus, your friends and family probably see you as the person who is the “Coordinator”, “Organizer”, “Conflict Solver” and “Party Planner”. Own it! It’s in your blood. You know how to have fun, it’s your job.

So keep up the great work and keep encouraging your students to Dream Big (even if that means bringing a radical speaker to campus), reminding them to Get Their S**t done (even if that means you might have to give them an F), and most importantly, Make It Fun! How else are you going to make it that Sunday afternoon during an upcoming overnight retreat? :)


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