That State of Peace

Some thoughts that came to me as I continue to go through this huge transition of being a new twin mom. My twin girls are now 6 months old. I’m starting to find that peace that comes with having twins and spending their first year at home with them. Something, I think anyone can relate to that is going through any large life changing experience.


The Back Burner

“In attempting to having it all, never forget that if we don’t have love, joy, peace, tranquility and an ability to be truly present in our lives that we don’t have it all anyway. We really don’t have anything.” -Carolyn Anderson, June. 26, 2012, “Why Women still Can’t have it All (at the Same Time)” Huffpost.

It’s the morning after our housewarming/welcome our twins party. I’ve got iTunes Radio Jazz playing in the background, my son Sam chilling in his room, the husband out picking up the Sunday paper. The dining room table is filled with left over dips, bread and Cheetos bowls. The twin girls are sound asleep in their bouncers next to me. Leaning in to motherhood has given me more than I ever imagined.


Checking In From Our New Home

Reading: About to finish Jane Porter’s˜The Good Daughter” part of the Brennan Sisters trilogy. Next one up is her latest “The Good Wife”. Last night, I found a few minutes to read while waiting for a girl friend for dinner. You know you have found your comfort zone when you can bring a book with you as you wait for a friend.
Watching: Sam run around in our new backyard. This is something that has been missing from this little guys life. You can tell by the huge smile he has when he is out there.


Checking in

Slowing down to check in. As I write, I can see the load of laundry and the baby bottles that need to be washed. It can wait. The girls are both asleep. This morning I want to write.

Reading: Remembered an author I enjoyed, Jane Porter who wrote ‘The Good Woman’. I looked her up and found that she had two other novels that are part of her Brennan Sisters trilogy. I’m reading the second one called: ‘The Good Daughter’. I love how the story takes place in the Bay Area mentioning places such as; Oakland, Santa Rosa and the coastal town of Capitola. Plus, this sister who is single living in a small old house that as she describes it reminds me of how before I was married, I would dream about living in an old house with hardwood floors and a front porch located where I could walk to the local cafe.


There Really is Two of Them

As a new mom of twins, I have to share this realization I have at least once a day: “There really is two of them”
-When I am running out the door to take my son to preschool and I am carrying two car seats out the door. I say to myself, “there really is two of them”.
-When they are both crying and hungry at the same time, once again it hits me, “there really is two of them”.
-When I am walking down the street pushing our double stroller and a stranger looks over at me and realizes “there really is two of them” in there, I say yep, “there really is two of them”.

The funny thing is, I keep trying to remember what it was like when I only had one baby to care for. Now I’m impressed that I am keeping up two.


Leaning Into Motherhood-How’s it going you might ask?

Written on Sunday morning, July 28.
Back on March 10th, I wrote an entry about how I have chosen to lean in to motherhood and take a 1 year unpaid maternity leave. The last time I did not have a full time job was 14 years ago in college and even those were part-time. So, for this career women, taking this time away from work was going to be a big change. If you did not get a chance to read that past blog entry here it is: When do you lean in and when do you lean back


Twin Mom Morning Must Haves

After spending the first two hours of each morning feeding, changing, rocking, and smoothing two crying babies back to sleep while getting a toddler and husband out the door, I must have the following breakfast treats to bring me back to normal :)

*Green tea served in one of my many coffee mugs I’ve picked up traveling. These mugs are great for triggering happy memories. This morning, I’m using my mug from our honeymoon at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.
*Soft boiled egg. 7 minutes in bowling water = perfect egg :) I’ve got this down!
*Wheat toast with butter and grape jelly.
*Homemade fruit smoothie: frozen mangoes, bananas, pineapple, and apple juice.
*Glass of water.
*And by the time I sit down to enjoy my breakfast it is about 8:30am. Just in time to catch the last 30 minutes of the CBS Morning Show with Charlie Rose, Gayle King and fellow mother of three/twim mom Norah O’Donnell.