Trivia Night team “We Don’t Know Much”

I love date night, especially when Matthias and I meet at Murphy’s Pub for Wednesday Night Trivia. After three years of living in Sonoma, we finally one Trivia night! I have to admit, we ususally stay for 2 rounds at the most. But tonight, we stayed through all 5 rounds plus the picture round. Our team name was “We don’t know much”. There were 21 teams. Winners were 1st, 2nd and 9th. For 9th, there was a three way tie and one of teams was us!! We also solved the mystery of team “Eurotrash”.  And guess what, two are from England, one from Spain and one from Germany. We’ve been wondering for years if they really know…from Europe. Maybe next time, we’ll sit by them.


Full moons

This past week there was no full moon but it sure felt like it to me. I had some lows but I also had some highs that I am really thankful for.
•    Playing the Wii Tennis and Baseball with my sister
•    Looking at all the great Victorian Houses around the streets of Cole Valley, San Francisco while catching up with Marta
•    Be reminded of how amazing Emmylou Harris and Shawn Colvin sound live in concert.
•    Enjoying a great dinner and company with Matthias at the Boon Fly Café between Napa and Sonoma and then getting to sneak into the still new Carneros Resort.
•    Being able to reach out to my Mom.


Sharing my birthday with the NFL

For the last couple years, when my birthday and Super Bowl would roll around, I would start telling stories about how my birthday USED to land on the Super Bowl. In college, there was my 20th birthday Super Bowl party hosted by my awesome friend Marta. Totally fun, lots of friends. The best part was for many it was their first Super Bowl. Ohh..and there was my 14th birthday that had t.v. trays, Mom, Dad and Missy, and I think it might have been the 49ers. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is I will now enjoy the break the NFL has created by moving the game to the first weekend in February. I will let my fellow February Aquarians enjoy chicken wings, brand new commercials and birthday cake. For me, I will enjoy the simplicity of the German tradition where I open presents at Midnight. Then wake up sharing my birthday with just myself and my amazing husband. Thanks NFL for the great memories.

On a fun note: Happy Birthday to me and my friends :>)
Famous people born on my birthday, Jan. 26-Wayne Gretzky (Yeah!) Paul Newman (Sexy), Jules Feiffer (Don’t know who she is but she must be awesome), Eddie Van Halen (Double Yeah!), Ellen DeGeneres (Turned 50. Hardly looks like.), Kirk Franklin (Don’t know who he is but must be pretty awesome) and Lucinda Williams (Love her music. She was amazing in concert)


Must do with your iPhone

Matthias picked up an iPhone, I think about a month ago. Since then, we have come up with a few things you must do if you have one:

  • Start walking down the street listening to music on your iPhone so everyone can hear it. Like you are carrying an 1980’s boombox listing to Salt and Pepper. It’s way cool. Just watch…others will pick it up.
  • Take photos and upload them to your Flickr photo site within minutes of taking them. Who knows…maybe somebody is wondering what you are up to. Right then at that moment.
  • Have the temperature of your hometown, your current town, Hawaii, Tahoe and the beach at your fingertips. We all need to know that it’s warm somewhere.

Mrs. Worch

Our Wedding Day had the bluest skies, the warmest smiles, the sweetest music, the most beautiful flower center pieces, and the greatest love I have ever known. It was the happiest day of my life. Now I know when people say it was the happiest day of their life. What more could I ask for then to spend the day with my closest friends, dance with my dad, laugh with my new and old family and say I promise to love you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health to Matthias Worch. My favorite part was looking into his eyes during the wedding ceremony. I feel in love with him all over again.

I want to send tons of thank you to my amazing loving parents, Patty and Michael Estrella. With their help, support and guidance, they gave us the most beautiful wedding day. With love, thank you!

To Miss, my sister, Maid of Honor and now a best friend, I miss you already. Your creativity, empathy and love gave Matthias and me the best wedding two people could ask for. We love you!

To Kristina, Marta and Maria, the most beautiful bridesmaids ever!! It meant so much to go through this experience with you. I will always remember the limo ride, spending the day getting ready and all that dancing!! Gracias!!

To Klaus, Alice and Guido, thank you for sharing your love and welcoming me in to your family. I feel honor to now be Victoria Worch.

To Amy Merkel, our wedding coordinator, you rock!! Amy remembered everything from offering us a drink when we arrived at the reception, to keeping the photographer on track, along with making sure our wedding presents were safe inside. She had everything under control. Amy, with great appreciation, we thank you!

And a special thank you to everyone who shared the day with us. It was a blast!! We hope to see you soon!


Highs today

  • Sleeping in.
  • Seeing Matthias try on tuxedos.
  • Finding the right color blue for the groomsmen tie and vest.
  • Getting my assignments back and having the instructor ask if she could use one of my papers as an example for future classes.

Ani show, Warfield, July 2007

Yahoo! My 11th time seeing Ani Difranco. Thanks Marta for always wanting to go and being an awesome friend! As I was driving back from Moss Beach this morning listing to Ani’s latest album Reprieve, these words stayed with me all the way home. Thanks Ani for always writing what many of us feel.

“Just show me moment that is mine
its beauty blinding and unsurpassed
make me forget every moment that went by
and left me so half-hearted
cuz I felt so half-assed.”

— Ani ‘Half-assed’


Ani and YouTube

This week’s high: finding Ani on YouTube. Miss, you inspired me to go looking for my favorite artist on YouTube. Here is Ani playing a beautiful song from her latest album. I am hoping to see Ani next month with Marta. If we make it to the show, it would be our 10th time together seeing Ani. If I had a soundtrack for my life, you would hear Ani DiFranco playing in the back ground since freshman year of college.


Being there for someone

My high for today was being there to listen. Through out the day I interviewed faculty and staff for a grad assessment on the mental health of college students and I even got the chance to sit and talk with a few of my own students. In the middle of one of those talks it hit me that my role as an advisor could be compared to a dorm RA.

I remember how I looked up to my residential assistant in the dorms. She was only a few years older then me but for some reason it really made a difference having in her in the building.

Today, I do not manage a residence hall or even work at a campus that has them. However, I realized today that the time I spend listening to my student government officers talk about their jobs, family or finals is just as meaningful to them as the moments I had with my R.A.

Cool beans.

Ohh and on a fun note: Matthias game Lair is being shown during the Play Station 3 commercials. If you see a kick ass dragon on a bridge that’s Matt’s technical art direction in action!


Thanksgiving High: Go-Karting!

Matthias and I went up Grass Valley to share Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and great Aunt Marie. The day was filled with playing ping pong, Aunt Marie sharing stories about living in Europe and India with her late husband Glenn, and enjoying a wonderful meal cooked by my Sister Missy and my Mom.

After all the eating, sharing and playing games came to a close, the family got ready for the Annual Saturday Go-Kart racing at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. The driver: my dad Michael Estrella. My Dad got back into go-kart racing almost 4 years ago. He used to race in his 20’s. It was so much a part of his life that he was introduced to my mom Patty at a go-kart race.

These days, Missy and I take turns pitting for him. Missy is the Crew Chief, and I am the stand in. Either way, watching Dad race on the Famous Infineon Raceway track is the best. My Dad turned 60 years old this year and he is full of life. Way to go Dad! Watching him get excited about racing inspires and reminds me how important he is to my life. Both my Mom and Dad are really good people. They are hard workers; honest and truly care for their families. Thanks Mom and Dad for being the best role models.