Yahoo! Another course done!

Ladies and gentleman, I am now officially halfway done with this graduate program! Shauna in my cohort told me on Friday to focus on the small lights along the way. This one is a bright as the full moon tonight.

My high today: Day of the Dead exhibit showing at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. I loved all the bright colors and the tons of paper butterflies everywhere. There was even a community altar where visitors could leave messages for their loves one who have passed on. Think about you often Grandpa Grace. (Just incase he has Internet in heaven.)


Doing enough

You know you are doing enough when:
you are writing to-do lists just to keep everything straight,
when you stop everything and load the dishwasher,
when someone gives you a hug you actually stop and hug them back,
when your body is tired and takes on a cold as well,
when all you want to do is finish an grad assignment,
when the high for your day is toasting a beer over the phone with an old friend.
And you know you are doing enough when you have to say to yourself, “Hey that’s enough for today. Work will always be there. And you know you are rocking there! Relationships, grad school those need your focus, passion and fun energy too.”


Zadie Smith “On Beauty”

Today’s high: Reading “Time is how you spend your love” written by Zadie Smith. I just started her book. On Beauty was recommended to me by a woman at Readers Books in Sonoma. I was returning a novel that I just could not get into and the woman recommended On Beauty. I love being part of local bookstores. I also love it when a line in a book stops you. Wakes you up.