Today’s college students


I work with communtiy college students. So far this fall semester, I have noticed that some of today’s college students:

  • Buy daily parking passes because they do not have enough money at the beginning of school to buy a full pass. At my college: $27.50 per semester. Just think…we are in the 8th week of classes. By now, they have paid more for parking.
  • Love being on MySpace!
  • Really are balancing working, raising a family, homework and still making it to class. Imagine this, there are no dorms on the campus. So, they can’t just crawl out of bed and go to class. They have to get in their car and drive. Some are coming from as far as 25 minutes away.
  • For many, English is their second language.
  • Are willing to wait for their first choice university, even if it means putting off transfering for another year.

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