Sharing student stories


I realized today that lately I hardly share stories about my students with friends or family. If I do, it’s usually a stressful one. So, here is some fun stories about my current group of students.

  • Today, I went to Home Depot with one of my students to buy wood to build a closet for next tuesday’s event: National Coming Out Day. The best part about the trip was fitting 2 96 inch long and 37 inch wide sheets of wood through the trunk of my Acura. And of course, having to tie down the back because the wood was hanging out the trunk. Hillarious. Only a Student Advisor would attempt to do such a crazy thing.
  • As I was leaving work tonight, 2 of my students were hang out in the back office watching a movie on a laptop, laughing, relaxing before their night class. Often times, I see students in the cafeteria gathered around one person’s laptop watching video’s or streaming t.v. It is amazing what the Internet can provide. As a Coordinator of Student Life, it is my job to coordinate entertainment for college students. The future of Student Affairs? Finding ways to fund free wireless Internet and computer power accessibility.

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