Life before Grad School


Any free morning I get, I try to take a walk before I do anything else. This morning, as I was walking along the bike path near my house, I thought about the chapter I read last night from the book Mexican Days Journey into the Heart of Mexico by Tony Cohan. The chapter was about the city of Guanajuato and its mummy museum.

Almost 2 years ago and a time before Grad School, I had made a trip to Mexico for Christmas with my good friend and old roommate Maria. We stayed with her grandma in the small town of Zamora, located in the State of Michoacan, Mexico. Reading that chapter last night, totally reminded me of how much fun and relaxing my trip to Mexico and especially when we went to Guanajuato. The mummies were interesting, but what I remember most about that day was enjoying a Victoria beer and shrimp ceviche, looking out over the city, and the sun shining on my face. We were there in December and the weather was in the 70’s. So nice.

As I was walking this morning and remembering my trip to Mexico it dawn on me that here was my life BEFORE Grad School. Here I was…kind of a different person. A little bit more relax, adventurous…So, here are a few insights about my life before Grad School:

• In my free time, I was stage managing, assistant directing or directing plays at the community center here in Sonoma or at the Napa Valley College. My favorite theatre experiences were working on the The Laramie Project and my first directing debut 4 Seasons of Love, an evening of One Acts.
• I had just met Matthias 3 months before I applied to Grad School so we were in that fun early stage of dating where you show each other around the towns you live in.
• I was 27. On my 28th birthday, I mailed off my Grad School applications.
• I was pretty much hiking every weekend.
• I read the North Bay Bohemian for their weekly horoscope.
• Often made trips to Seattle, Boston, Rhode Island and Grass Valley.
• I enjoyed reading travel novels, shopping at IKEA and watching the WB shows Everwood and Jack and Bobby.

What about my life today? In one day, I will be half way done with my graduate program. In less then 3 months I will 30. Life is good!

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