Thanksgiving High: Go-Karting!


Matthias and I went up Grass Valley to share Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and great Aunt Marie. The day was filled with playing ping pong, Aunt Marie sharing stories about living in Europe and India with her late husband Glenn, and enjoying a wonderful meal cooked by my Sister Missy and my Mom.

After all the eating, sharing and playing games came to a close, the family got ready for the Annual Saturday Go-Kart racing at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. The driver: my dad Michael Estrella. My Dad got back into go-kart racing almost 4 years ago. He used to race in his 20’s. It was so much a part of his life that he was introduced to my mom Patty at a go-kart race.

These days, Missy and I take turns pitting for him. Missy is the Crew Chief, and I am the stand in. Either way, watching Dad race on the Famous Infineon Raceway track is the best. My Dad turned 60 years old this year and he is full of life. Way to go Dad! Watching him get excited about racing inspires and reminds me how important he is to my life. Both my Mom and Dad are really good people. They are hard workers; honest and truly care for their families. Thanks Mom and Dad for being the best role models.

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