Take a break! A vacation that is.


Can you imagine working for a place that gives everyone at the same time 2 weeks off? My college does. I realized this morning that giving your staff along with faculty forced 2 weeks off means that you are investing in the mental health of your people. Lately the news have been reporting on end of the year bonuses companies give to their employees to motivate them to work extra hard all year. At NVC, instead of a cash bonus they give you 2 weeks off. It’s funny, because through out the year you think boy, I could sure use the extra cash, but those 2 weeks arrive and you wake up thinking, yahoo, now this is what I needed.

For all those about to take a week of vacation or 2—Enjoy! You’ve earned it and deserve it. Hey and if you already took your week vacation, cheers for taking care of yourself.

Today, I am going to take my homework and laptop to the local Starbucks, meet up with my co-worker Marcel who is also working on her graduate degree, and try that Gingerbread Latte I watched so many people buy yesterday..hmm..It must be the ginger.

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