Greetings from Germany


Hello! Wie geht es ihnen? How goes it? It is Monday night in Essen, Germany. Happy New Year! Life is good. Matthias and I are having a great time.
Here a few pictures from our trip.

First day in Germany. It is a tradition now to go to Nordsee first. It is a fast food fish place that Matthias loves. He he… lets just say it is nothing like fish and chips in Bodega Bay but is worth the cultural experience.

Here are a few shots of Matthias’ hometown of Burgaltendorf, Essen, Germany I took while taking a walk today.

Here is Matthias’ mom Alice and I enjoying tea and coffee last Friday afternoon at Adelas Cafe in the city of Hattingen. The town is about 15 minutes away from Matthias’ parents’ place. So far it has been my favorite place.
The town has a great Old Germany feeling to it.

Here is a picture of me with “Kniffel” or as we say in America “Yahtze”. This past weekend Matthias’ family and I drove 2 hours to see his brother Guido and his girlfriend Sarah who live in a small town in north Germany.
The 6 of us played 5 rounds of Kniffel. It was a lot of fun. You can also see Matthias’ reaction when he got a Kniffel too.

Here is us on New Year’s Eve watching the amazing fireworks being shot off from everywhere. For the evening we went to his friend’s Andreas and Tanja’s apartment to ring in the new year. They live on the 3rd floor in an apartment complex.
Most places in Essen are three stories tall. From their deck we were able to catch the most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen. It made the many days of jetlag worth it. Cheers to Germany!

Auf Wiedersehen! By for now.

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