Studying at Starbucks


Today I studied for 3 hours at my usual Starbucks in American Canyon. When you do graduate work online, schedule time to do homework and making sure you have a study buddy. It makes all the difference. This afternoon, I actually felt like I was doing something fun and not working. Part of the reason why I felt this way was because one of my students was working there and I did not have to worry or advise her. Now, she was working and I was doing homework.

This current class I am taking is very much on your own. I only have 4 assignments but these assignments are huge. There is no class discussion or reports on reading required on the ecollege site. Every time I have a class like this it reminds me how much you learn is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to do the research, ask all the right questions and manage your time wisely. Ironically, how well you do is in your own hands. Makes you wondering if this kind of learning is suppose to transform how you live your life. If no one is grading you on how much time you spend at the gym or with your family, how do you know when you are doing enough?

On a side note, my younger self would not approve of my studying at a Starbucks. He he.

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