Highlights of the 2006-2007 School Year

  • True Colors workshop for student government officers.
  • Donating my couch to the office.
  • Adding gratitude and item of the week to the ASB weekly agenda
  • Coordinating and being able to assist 30 active student clubs with their events.
  • Being able to rely on my office assistants. These ladies are fantastic!
  • High attendance at weekly ASB meetings.
  • Meeting weekly with the ASB president.
  • Running off to Jamba Juice before the ASB mtgs.
  • Selling out the Black History Month Dinner!
  • Seeing all the students’ campaign posters all over campus.
  • Getting 521 people to vote and pass the Student Rep. Fee!
  • Taking Matthias to the Parent Club Picnic last Saturday.

I solute all the students who got involve and made a difference to campus life at NVC. Job well done. I love being part of it.

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