Two choices: Fear or Faith


Recently at work and with planning the wedding, I’ve had thoughts of fear and faith. Today, I was watching the View and I heard Rosie O’Donnell say, “We have two choices, fear or faith”. The hot topic discussion moved on to comparing Bush and Clinton, but that statement stayed with me.

I feel like with every discussion we make, we are either acting with faith or with fear. I keep saying to myself, “have a little faith in me”. And with planning a wedding there are A LOT of discussions to make. Cake, colors, flowers, etc. There is the fear that your hard work will not pay off but it always does. The fear you won’t make someone happy but in the end they are having the time of their life.

The difference between fear and faith is fear holds you back while faith moves you forward.

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  1. Faith or fear, I love this. I am so happy that you are choosing Faith, the odd part is that at 63 I am also doing that. Aren’t you glad that you are doing this at your age? I always knew you where and are brillant. This should be a joyeous time for you, the wedding itself will be the frosting. Love, Auntie Mila

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