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As I was finishing my strengths development paper tonight, an old favorite song came through my itune shuffle. It was “The Prize Fighter” by The Velvet Teen. The Velvet Teen was my favorite local emo band. If you ask Marta, I dragged her to so many emo shows. What made The Velvet Teen so much fun to see live was our good friend Logan Whitehurst, the drummer. Marta and I went to Sonoma State with him. He was in my one of my core seminar classes. The last time I saw him perform with the band was back in February 2004 in a small club in San Francisco. Some time later I heard he found a brain tumor and was taking a break from the band.

After finishing my paper, I decided to go on YouTube and see if I could find a Velvet Teen video. Sure enough, “The Prize Fighter” popped up. As I read the latest comments, I notice someone leave this comment, “The original drummer (Logan Whitehurst) died of brain cancer and the bass guitarist/back-up vocalist (Joshua Staples) left to work on another project (The New Trust)…”  I searched some more to find he died December 3rd, 2006.

Just like that, a song took me back in time AND woke me out of my state of daily life.

I hope you enjoy the video. It’s a great song with an amazing, talented person.

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  1. Wow, for some reason that really suprised me. To hear about Logan – you just don’t think that kind of thing happens to someone you use to know, and at such a young age. Makes me want to go hug everybody I love. I think I just might. I’m happy to have known Logan – and for a local emo band, they did alright for themselves! :)

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