Real World ASB Retreat


This year’s ASB Fall Overnight Leadership Retreat was a huge hit. I have to share the great theme the students came up with. They went with a reality television theme. The workshops were titled “Real World” Breaking Barriers, Americans Next Top Leader, Fear Factor on the Beach and Surreal Life. For breaking barriers, the students watched Babel and had an amazing post film discussion. I lead the America’s Next Top Leader workshop using StenghtsFinder. Then we went out to the beach for some Fear Factor team building. Hey, got to love those water balloon fights. To top if off, we had a Surreal Life workshop were students scheduled out the events for the 2007-2008 school year. They created one surreal school year. Special props go out to Susana, Lora and Greg for planning an excellent retreat.

My favorite part was staying up late to play Taboo and officially becoming known as “too old”, “A generation out” advisor. The word I had was “Toad”. So..I said “Blank the Wet Sprocket”. They all yelled, “Move on. No one knows”. Got to love it! Here we are only 10 years older and already old school…sweet!! Anyone up for playing Duck Hunt?

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