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Right now as I write this blog entry, thousand of Community College students are writing their personal statement for the Nov. 30 University of California transfer application deadline. Many will work all through the night and might even see the sun rise before they hit the send button. The question they must answer is described yourself in 1000 words or less.

While meeting with my ASB President Susana today, I thought of a great personal statement answer for this generation of university bound students. “For more information please visit my Facebook page, Myspace page or my blog at www….com”. Think about it. Many of these students share who they are every day over the Internet. They share their interests, goals, and even hardships.

Come on University of California Admissions! All you need to do is ask for a web address and there is your personal statement. Just think about all the energy and time our college students spend talking about themselves on Facebook. I bet it would save admissions counselors tons of time reading applications.

For those students still writing your personal statement. Let go of the pressure and write what comes to you. And if you need motivation just plan on posting a copy of your personal statement on your blog.

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