Wow, I thought I was busy when I was planning the wedding. With Christmas shopping, staying connected at work and taking two courses, I am feeling a bit stressed. To tell you the truth, I would rather spend time with friends, family and my students then drive around buying Christmas presents in the cold. I would trade catching up over some hot apple cider or walks in the sunshine any day then drive around in the holiday season traffic. I bet all of us in a way would rather spend time together then just send each other Christmas cards. For those I get to see in the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to it. I think Matthias has officially changed the Estrella Family Christmas. It looks like we now open gifts on Christmas Eve. Ahh..but I think he is starting to love Christmas morning waffles. For family members I only get to see when the timing is right, I miss you.

On a joyful note; Winter Solstice is almost here AND just in time for all of us to slow down and welcome in more sun light and a new year. Fall brings changes. Winter brings awakening.

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