Practical Wisdom in Student Affairs


This week in my program we have been writing about practical wisdom on our ecollege site. One of my co-hort’s shared this quote she got from a Dean of Students.

“I was somebody before I was a dean. The title does not make me who I am, it just give me more to accomplish.”

The most surprising thing about being in student affairs is no real job title will explain the impact we can have on college students. We often are a listener, coordinator, advisor, cheerleader, realist and motivator. We often are the ones who see the bigger picture and at the same time try to keep everyone on task. To keep with the flow of my class this week, I ask does it take a certain kind of wisdom to do this work? I think I will go with Meredith’s quote. If you are going to work in student affairs, you need to go where you can achieve and trust you have wisdom to share with others around you. But most important, you help make the students and the place better.

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