Are you ready Sonoma?


By midnight tonight, the NASCAR 18 wheelers will be heading West. I love NASCAR week. If you ask anyone at my work in the days leading up to the big NASCAR weekend, I’m pretty much telling people to watch where they go next weekend…cause the roads will be packed! Sonoma County only has 2 lane roads leading to the track. This year, my sister will be attending her first NASCAR race. In our family, she is the die hard IRL fan..while I have been known for switching to the dark side towards NASCAR. But like I tell anyone who attends a NASCAR race at Infineon Raceway…you too will be turned.

Get ready Sonoma County…the big bad boys of the South are on their way…

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  1. Oh no, don’t tell me after one race I will turn to the “evil dark side”. I will have to make sure to wear my “I am Indy” shirt as protection. :)

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