Motivated by Vacations


So… if you are looking for a motivation for being at work, try going on vacation. I have a two week vacation coming up and it has me working like a dog. There is that old saying that people tend to do twice as much work right before they leave for a vacation. I am right there! This week, I was tackling training my new ASB officers, staying on top of planning NVC day and updating my office forms. Next week is updating the club manual, finishing my end of the year report and cleaning out my email. In our office, we have a huge To Do list all aiming for “done by Aug. 1” The fall semester doesn’t start until Aug. 18, but for those who work in education, summer break is often they only chance you get to reorganize and update things.

In a week, I’m taking a vacation with my dad to be his pit crew for the National Go-Karting Tournament in Portland, Oregon. We’re driving up. So, I’m looking forward to taking a road trip. Then I come home for a day and fly off to New York City with Marta for a sweet, simple, fun visit to see Kristina, who is living near Greenwich Village for the summer.

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