Living your best life


This week, I have DVR Oprah’s Best Life week. I know, I know..Oprah…but I am telling you, you will be surpised. On Monday, she shared deeply about how in 2 years she reached her weight goal and then turnred around and gained 40 pounds. What happen? She says it was a result of thinking, just like in many areas of our lives, “I don’t have to work on that any more”. From that I show, I learned from her that our life’s journey with our bodies, our spriti, our wants will be a life long journey and now is the time to realize that.

Yesterday, the show was about healthy eating habbits. From what I gain from show, Matthias and I are eating very well. The one thing I learned is the longer your food can sit on the shelf, the more likely it is not the best food for ya.

Tonight, was the third episode and it was on spirituality. Oprah said something that really stuck a cord for me. She said, “Everything you really want, you already have”. . . Wow, I think all the time, I really want a job that honors my master’s degree and my work in Student Affairs. What i have right now, is a job that honored and supported my journey to my master’s. What better way could they have honored my work in student life by letting me use my work for homework assignments and supporting new ideas I had like starting a Student Ambassador program. I want to have a baby to love. What I already have in my life to love is my husband, my parents, my sister, my friends, the list goes on, my students. What Oprah said, does make a lot of sense. What you want in your life, you already have. Think about it.

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