Weekend Update


On Tuesday, Matthias and I saw our third Oscar Best Picture nominee “Milk” at the Sebastian Theatre. As I watched the film, I realized how much I love the connection I have with San Francisco and its history. My parents met while living in South San Francisco in the 70’s. Since the film came out, my parents have been sharing with me how they can clearly remember Harvey Milk, his death and the rise of the now known “Gay” Castro. For the film, Sean Penn was amazing. He has my vote for best actor. I think this movie is going to have a future in the classroom. If I could, I would show it right now as a way to teach Gay Civil Rights history.

On Wednesday, my student government offices hosted I love the 80’s CLUB RUSH. I brought the idea of CLUB RUSH with me as awhile to create a 4 year “Rush Recruiting” experience at the two year college. Now, it has become part of campus culture. This year CLUB RUSH took on a whole new vibe. The vice president incorporated games and themes into CLUB RUSH. All I can say is my 13 year old self would have been proud with I love the 80’s theme. Now, you have to remember, most of today’s freshmen and sophomore college students were born in the 80’s or early 90’s. Over a two day period around the noon time hour, 20 student organizations rocked out to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, recruited new club members, bonded and learned something new about the decade they were born in. I was born in the 70’s and I’m still learning about how people dressed and what music they listened to.

On Thursday, I got sucked into watching Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy. For the last 2 weeks, the producers have decided to combine the story line since Private Practice is really a spin off of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s cool. Dr. McDreamy ex-wife’s brother got worms in the brain and the only brain sergeant that could really get them out is of course McDreamy. Ironically, the ex-wife star of Private Practice called him while he was spreading roses all over this bed because he was going to propose to his girlfriend Meredith Grey right after the got off the phone. Which, did not happen because he rushed to the hospital to take care of his ex-brother in law he never got along with in the first place. Ahh…my point is now I better be ready to stay up until 11 on Thursday nights. I will have to say, the Private Practice cast has a lot of my old favorite actors such as the awesome Judge Amy from “Judging Amy”. However, the show itself has a slow story line. As for my Grey’s Anatomy, keep up the great writing! Even if that means you have to write people off the show, which I don’t agree with but that is for another Weekend Update.

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