My Picks for the Chase


The 2009 NASCAR season is alive and kicking. Today was an awesome race in Las Vegas. Each race, Matthias and I pick 2 drivers. Whose ever driver comes the closest to winning, wins that race. Today, Matthias picked Kurt Busch, I picked Jimmy Johnson and right towards the end, Jimmy crashes and ends up finishing right behind Kurt. Sad Face. This year, I’m going to create some “bonus” points just in case I fall really behind on my picks. So, I’m having us pick now who we think is going to land in the top 12 for the Chase. 26 races before we get there. The most picked drivers who makes it into the chase wins bonus points.
My Picks (in no special order)
#18 Kyle Busch
#24 Jeff Gordon
#14 Tony Stewart
#31 Jeff Burton
#5 Mark Martin
#99 Carl Edwards
(this is harder then I thought)
#17 Matt Kenneth
#2 Kurt Busch
#88 Jr.
#16 Greg Biffle
#9 Kasey Kaine
#83 Brian Vickers

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