Need My Mom’s Group


Since moving from Marin, I’ve realized how much I miss my Mom’s Group at the Parent Center. It was so helpful for me to have a place to go weekly where I could share what has been happening with Sam and learn new things I should be paying attention too. Now, living in Redwood City, and back working full time, finding the Mom’s group..not as easy. So I’ve been thinking of putting out the request to the moms at Sam’s day care. I keep thinking I could sign up to some club around here but I feel like I have more of a connection with the moms who children are going to the same place as me.  I’m trying to decide between starting a email list, then a one night a month get together. There is a parent meeting next week, so I’m going to throw out the idea there. You  know that old saying, “if you don’t schedule it in, it won’t happen”. I will say, having fellow moms on Facebook is a huge help. It’s nice being able to send a question out. I’m just realizing that all my mom’s on Facebook are kind of far away. Sometimes you need that local mom too. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

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