Checking in on Motherhood on Mother’s Day


Reading: Email updates from Baby All you do is type in the birth date of your child and before you know it, you get emails about things I should expect or even notice Sam is doing at his age.
Recently watched Sam watch the ocean waves. He was so amazed by it.
Thankful for: On this mother’s day, I am so thankful for being a mom and that I got to spend it with Sam and Matthias. :) Thankful for my own mother and all the support she gives to us and all the fun outfits she finds for Sam.
Looking forward to: picking Sam up after work. Best way to leave work at work :)
Motherhood Lesson: Being a mom has taught me to make time for “slide time” at least once a week. Need to let go of some stress, hit the local park and go down the slides with your little guy or girl!
A few tips that are helping me enjoy Motherhood:
Invest in a housekeeper who can come out at least once a month. They can take care of the shower cleaning, dusting, etc. Yay, they are coming tomorrow!
2) Have one day a week where you make no plans. My day is Sundays.

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