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Been thinking a lot about another use for my blog. I will be away from students for the next year raising my twin girls but I still want to have a connection with my student leaders and other community college students. So, I decided to start a Transfer Corner to support community college students who are making the transition from their local community college to the University. I hope you enjoy and if you know of a student making the jump from community college to University, please feel free to share my blog. Thanks!

Top 3 Transfer Tips I Always Give My Students:

1) Attend Your Transfer Orientation Day: Do whatever you can to make it to your Transfer Day orientation. Very important. They usually register you, help you pick the right classes and connect you with other transfer students.
2) Be Ready to Pay Your Fees the Day You Register: The University does not have grace periods like many of our community colleges. If you don’t pay the same day you register you will lose your classes. Period. Sill apply for Financial Aid!
3) Sunday night calls: For some Transfer students this will be your first time moving away from home. Right now, you probably are worried about your family and how they will handle you being away. I’ve always loved the advice of aim for Sunday night calls. It is a great way to remind yourself to keep connecting with your family and it will help with the home sickness that comes from moving away that first semester. For those of you that close enough to drive home, make it Sunday night dinners. Sometimes, all you need is a home cooked meal and a hug from Mom :)

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