That State of Peace


Some thoughts that came to me as I continue to go through this huge transition of being a new twin mom. My twin girls are now 6 months old. I’m starting to find that peace that comes with having twins and spending their first year at home with them. Something, I think anyone can relate to that is going through any large life changing experience.

That State of Peace
That place you are at when you no longer are fighting with yourself for not being somewhere else or doing something else.
That state of peace that comes when you finally welcome the current life you have.
That state of peace, it can come sooner then you realize.
It will be here when you are really ready.
When you are really ready to let the “unfair”, the “what ifs”, “I should have” go.
When you are ready, peace will come.
Are you ready?
Sit up straight.
Stop crying.
Watch the neighborhood cat.
Enjoy yourself, enjoying yourself.

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