What is Motivating you to Transfer? A Quick Values and Motivation Exercise


If someone were to ask you today, what motivates you, what would you say? Is it money? Knowledge? Your family?

If someone were to ask you why you were going to college? Or, why do you want to transfer to the University? Would you have an answer for them immediately? Or would you need to think about it?

For some of you, making the choice, setting the goal, doing the work so you can transfer to the University is huge. There might be a family member or a co-worker who do not understand how much work you will need to do. I’ve seen students come from finishing their first semester at the community college to starting their first day the at the university. Some days were easy and some were very hard. It is one thing to earn your A.A or A.S. degree, but it is another thing to be applying to the University, following all the steps your TAG requirers, to making sure your GPA is high enough, AND having to finish your current classes.

So, on those days you think you can’t do it anymore, I want you to think of three words that will motivate you to keep going. If you don’t have those right now, let me help you with a little Values and Motivation exercise.

Quick Values and Motivation Exercise

The following list of words are values that can help you focus and keep you motivated to achieve the status of Transfer Student. I want you to pick three. For those students who have already transferred, I want you to pick three values that will motivate you to reach graduation.

As you read each word, think about how important that value is to you.
Write the word down or take a mental note. I want you to narrow it down to your top 3 values.


Do not see a value that is important to you? Go ahead and add it to your own list.

Now think about why those three words stood out to you. Do you find something you are passion about? Did you see something you strive to be?

Now take those three values (if you were able to narrow it down to three. You can have four or five if you need to) and find a place you can see them daily. Maybe you can post them on the kitchen fridge. Or maybe somewhere in your car. Or take a picture and make it be one of the screen savers on your phone.

When you need it the most, you will find the motivation you need to keep going. The nice thing about your values is they are always here for you, just some times we need to be reminded of what matters most to us. Now you have a simple reminder to why you might be extra stressed or super busy writing another essay, or solving another math problem. Because you value… (File in the blank)

*This exercise is adapted from the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Curriculum.

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